LX Holdings, LLC Founders

John Farhat, MSc

President, Chief Executive Officer

John have run businesses for almost 25 years. He has an even longer track in Information Technology. Starting as a programmer, he moved to project manager, program designer, analytics and predictive work, large integrations, infrastructure, and security.

His passion is the creation of something out of nothing. Whether a process, a business, a novel concept, a strategy. He brings that passion to all his endeavors.

Basically, John has participated in the entire spectrum of the information business gaining significant experience and knowledge of what works and what has failed before… John brings all those years of business experience and the many more years Information Systems expertise to create a unique approach to building and operating business.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thefarhat/

William Reed, MA, AFM, AAC

Chief Operating Officer

William is a seasoned goal oriented executive business management advisor who enjoys working with leaders, owners, and investors that are entrepreneurial in philosophy, he encourages ownership and accountability throughout all levels of organization, he appreciates the efforts of others, and pursues success in financial achievement without undermining company or individual integrity.
He has over 30 years executing strategic management within challenging and evolving business environments. His consulting engagements and fractional management contracts specialize on the agriculture and natural resource industries. His inherent passion for finding solutions to difficult situations, building consensus across leadership to stabilize trouble businesses, and ultimately driving the operation to exceed desired performance goals, is at the forefront; as he amplifies his fiduciary as “the promise maker and the promise keeper”. 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bfreed70/

Jon Keel, MScE, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Jon Keel has developed a reputation as a results oriented Business Advisor, having been in involved in this role since January, 1997. In addition to being CEO and Founder of Improved Results, LLC, which he founded in 1997, he co-developed the Xavier University MBA E-Business program, where he taught Online Marketing and E-Commerce. He also founded Improved Together, LLC) , a LinkedIn SaaS business in June, 2020.

He frequently speaks to audiences about performance-based marketing for online and offline businesses. He has written numerous articles and has appeared on several TV and radio news and talk programs. He co-developed the first pay-per-click search engine bid management software and wrote the first book on pay-per-click search engines, “Instant Web Site Traffic.”

He currently resides in Dublin, Ohio with his wife of 48 years, Colleen.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonkeel/

Trent Trailov, MSc, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Trent is the founder and CEO of Trail CPA in Kirkland, WA.  Trail CPA specialize in tax, accounting & CFO services.  They focus on clients that own small businesses, as well as, complex individual taxes. Trent helps clients build tax efficiencies, maintain compliance, and a provide owners a better understanding of their taxes and financials. Trent has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Arizona.  Master’s degree in Accounting from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Trent brings more than a decade in the accounting industry in both the public and private roles

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trent-trailov-cpa-358a5587/